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Should a Good Skin Care Regimen Include CBD?

Among the many practical uses for CBD based products, skincare is one of the most prominent. The CBD cosmetics industry is estimated to be worth more than $500M and growing daily. Many health products for skincare now include CBD. Most CBD manufacturers are getting on

Sell CBD Products to Consumers

CBD businesses understand that CBD has a plethora of health benefits. CBD products may be effective in providing relief from various health conditions including; anxiety, insomnia, depression, among others. So, how can you sell CBD products, and get the consumer to come to you? Sell

A Certified CBD Manufacturer Process

Sawyer Labs formulates, develops, and creates multiple retail-ready CBD products. Some of these products include tinctures, soft gels, pain creams, and gummies. They offer cruelty-free products that you can sell online or in-store today!  Sawyer Labs Offers Full-Spectrum, Broad-Spectrum, and Isolate Products The CBD manufacturer

Advantage of Ordering Private Label vs. White Label

Sawyer Labs’ CBD products are the best on the market. Your business can order a specialized formula that will help meet the needs and demands of your consumers. All of Sawyer Labs products come with a Certificate of Analysis (COA)–letting you know precisely how much

High Capacity Capabilities: Sawyer Labs

Sawyer Labs is a CBD manufacturer and product creator with many lab tested quality CBD products. Which their private label options you can create your own custom formulas. If you’re looking to get a CBD product tailored to your health need, contact Sawyer Labs. CBD

 Premium Hemp at Bulk Prices: Sawyer Labs

  Purchasing high-quality hemp is an integral part of producing superior products. Your final product will only be as good as the raw materials you put into it. While this product may cost a bit more, it is possible to purchase high-quality hemp at bulk

 What is an In-House Chemist for CBD Manufacturing?

Having an in-house chemist or pharmacy can be very beneficial for you, especially during these times. With COVID-19 here, it’s imperative to keep your human interaction minimal with no end in sight. An in-house chemist will help you do just that. Sawyer labs have the

From Farm, To Us, To You: In-House Chemists

Sawyer Labs Manufactures Certified CBD Sawyer Labs is a certified CBD manufacturing lab. They produce white label products made from Cannabidiol, or CBD, an oil derived from Hemp. Additionally, if you are a small business owner or even a grocery store manager, this bit of

Why High-Quality Certified CBD Production is Important

The concern for the quality of certified CBD products is real among retailers and consumers. With so many CBD products offered in the market, consumers want to value their money by buying certified CBD and quality products. CBD can be isolate, full-spectrum, or broad-spectrum, which